Lose Weight Together

Hello this is Jenny and welcome to Lose Weight Together.

Sorry I’ve been away for a while and unfortunately have not lost the weight that I need to help improve my health especially controlling my diabetes type 2.

When I last posted on my site we had a kelpie dog, who encouraged me to walk – 2 to 3 times a day!  Back in August 2012 someone decided to out poison for birds, which is horrible, and unfortunately my dog ate some of the poison and died within 2 hours.  I believe there was another dog who suffered the same fate.  Totally unnecessary!!!!

Anyway on a brighter note I will be getting a puppy in about 2 to 4 weeks.  He’s only about 4 weeks at the moment.  This means I’ll have to start excising and dieting again to get ready.

I’ll start my new regime on Monday 06 May 2013 and will keep you up to date my progress.  If you want to share your experiences and any ideas please feel free so we can Lose Weight Together.

I was looking on the internet for anything that could help and came across Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss.

Who is this guy??  Kyle Leon (a certified nutritionist and a fitness trainer who formulated a Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer) designed a program that will deliver to trainers unique and personalized methods to nutrition to lose fat and to gain muscle fast.

Customized Fat Loss

The video sounded pretty good, looked at the site and downloaded the PDFs, both the meal plans and workouts look interesting.

I’m going to try it starting Monday 06 May 2013.

According to the Customized Fat Loss site and PDFs my body type, to me any way, is referred to as Endo-Mesomorph. Below is an extract from the Somatotyping Guide:

Typical traits of an Endo-Mesomorph:

  • Soft and round body
  • Relatively broad shoulders
  • Gains muscle and fat very easily
  • Tend to have relatively defined chest
  • Is generally short and “stocky”
  • Round physique
  • Finds it hard to lose fat
  • Medium to Slow metabolism

Definitely sounds like me!!!!

Below is just an example of the cardio interval training.

Week 1-4

2 min walk

5 min jog

1 min sprint

1 min walk

1min jog

{Repeat 4 times}

5 min jog

Total Time: 26 min

The exercise component, apart from the above, includes abs/core training supersets which vary according to body type.

The exercises seem to be a little above my level of fitness, but will follow the guidelines as well as I can.  Won’t push myself too hard to begin with, but am sure once my fitness improves I will be able to follow the guidelines more closely.  I have spoken to my doctor and he is quite happy for me to try the program as long as I don’t over do it.

If you do decide to delve into the Customized Fat Loss program please be certain what plan best suits you and you have any existing health problems please consult with you doctor that this program is suitable.

Customized Fat Loss

Will keep you informed on my progress and any support can help.  That’s why I believe Lose Weight Together is easier that trying on your own.   Also will put photos of the new puppy on my site.